Although the military employs many diesel engines in its equipment, there are two distinct considerations:

  • The first is that many military missions are so critical that predictive failure to reduce deployment of high risk equipment into
    dangerous missions is of high value.
  • The second noticeable difference is that many military engines are 2-stroke, as opposed to the much more common 4-stroke diesel (and spark-plug) engines in commercial use. The SenX FirstLook® Diesel User Guide describes how to use the FirstLook® sensors for 2-stroke engines. The Engine Angel suite also works with two-stroke engines.

Not all engines in the military have sophisticated diagnostics and on-board computers. Many are legacy systems with older engine technology, but regardless of whether an engine has no sensors or comes equipped with the most advanced sensors, mechanical engine component failures such as poor valve seating, weak fuel injectors, excessive blow-by into the crank case, and damaged head gaskets are not easily detectable. SenX Assessments can detect these mechanical conditions and with regular monitoring, provide predictive failure analysis based on the rate of engine condition change over time.

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