An automotive fleet is assumed to be powered by engines that use spark plugs for ignition of the fuel (as opposed to diesel with compression firing). Engine Angel engine assessment functionality works for spark-plug engines in the same way that it works for diesel engines.

We consider two types of Automotive Fleets:

  • First, a number of vehicles that are owned by a single organization would constitute a fleet. Examples might be taxis, police fleets, government fleets to workers needing to travel on the job, car rentals, etc. The fleet owners might have their own maintenance shop or outsource the maintenance to a 3rd party.
  • A second category consists of vehicles with owners who are very loyal to their maintenance shops, usually the dealership that sold the vehicle. The dealership can maintain data on the customers’ vehicles as if they belong to the “dealer’s fleet”.

Automotive fleets of either type have common requirements:

  • Maintaining vehicles’ routine maintenance and unplanned repairs.
  • Trade-ins and buying & selling used vehicles.

In both scenarios, the engine assessment is a valuable tool to determine the physical status of the engine. Mechanical integrity issues in the engine, such as head gasket breaks, poor valve seating, weak fuel injectors and blow-by into the crankcase can all build up undetected because these conditions do not trigger OBD codes. Engine Polygraph Assessments can detect these mechanical conditions and provide critical information for both purchase and repair decisions.

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