Case Studies


Case Studies

Engine Polygraph

  • Perfect Engine

    This is a description of a ‘perfect’ engine as seen by EP.

  • Evolution of a V6 with fuel/oil treatments

    Here a series of EP reports document the improvement of a V6 with over 300,000 miles due to specific fuel and oil additives.

  • Extreme Blow-by – Mercedes I5

    An example of an EP report showing results of detonation in an automobile engine.

  • CAT C15 with 78 Opacity Test

    Description of the various cycles of an I-6 diesel engine and ‘diagnosis’ of a CAT C15 engine.

  • Engine Angel

  • Four Case Studies of DD S60 Engines

    Four Case Studies of DD S60 engines using Engine Angel for comparing Assessments with fuel economy.

  • New Technology (Betterments) Evaluation

    This documents a study by a Fleet comparing their ‘legacy’ engines with a newer model engine in the same model tractor.

  • Engine Angel Driver Performance Analysis

    Video presentation of capstone project by Dr. Kim Sorensen using Engine Angel to evaluate drivers.