The aircraft that can benefit from SenX’s FirstLook® sensors are powered by internal combustion engines. Aircraft engines come in a larger variety of “architectures” than automobile engines (e.g., wheel & spoke circular design, straight or V, etc.), but all have the similar characteristic that, when running well, each 4-stroke cycle produces regular pulses, repeatable for each cylinder. Because of the high consequences when engine failure occurs, aircraft engines have much more stringent maintenance requirements, shorter time intervals between overhauls and regular inspections, but even the most rigorous inspections will not detect mechanical engine component failures such as poor valve seating, weak fuel injectors, excessive blow-by into the crank case, and damaged head gaskets. SenX Assessments can detect these mechanical conditions and with regular monitoring, provide predictive failure analysis based on the rate of engine condition change over time.

Know that your engines will run in peak condition when you need them most by calling 1-844-ENGINE-4; (844) 364-4634 or emailing us at to learn more about the most advanced fleet management system available – Engine Angel.

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