Much of the activity we rely upon for our comfortable lifestyle comes from equipment we seldom see, such as logging, mining and construction. These off-road vehicles may not travel far so fuel economy is secondary to reliability, power and performance. Many types of equipment used in off-road work are unique and difficult to replace if a failure occurs, so keeping availability high and knowing the engine is in peak operating condition is important.

Engine Angel is designed with all vehicle types in mind, so whether you schedule maintenance by time, distance or mission the system will work for you. Early detection of engine mechanical problems such as valve seating, weak fuel injectors, damaged head gaskets and blow-by from ring/piston issues are all possible with SenX Assessments. Our ability to track the rate of decline in engine conditions allows us to predict a failure point and save you from a potential costly breakdown when you need the equipment most.

Stop chasing your fleet and get ahead of it today by calling 1-844-ENGINE-4; (844) 364-4634 or emailing us at to learn more about the most advanced fleet management system available – Engine Angel.

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