Background Information


Background Information

Engine Polygraph

  • Evaluating Engine Health From the Inside – Sawyer

    Christopher Sawyer describes how Engine Polygraph works and various uses (Motorway America)

  • New Technology Easily Diagnoses Engine Issues in Seconds – Cole

    Craig Cole shows the methodology for using Engine Polygraph (Auto News)

  • Taking Engine Diagnostics to the Next Level – Wall

    Ed Wall describes the Engine Polygraph kit and report to help diagnose engines

  • How to read the EA Assessment reports

    PFT description of the Assessment report components

  • Engine Cycles of the Internal Combustion Engine

    This discussion uses a CAT C15 to illustrate the various cycles of the I.C. engine and the physical source of the signature pulses at various frequencies.

  • Volumetric Efficiency Diagnostics

    Test sequence for understanding Volumetric Efficiency and the MAF sensor by use of OBDII scan tools.

  • Engine Polygraph (formerly SenX History Manager)

    Introducing Engine Polygraph; what it does, how to use it and where it adds value for used vehicle dealers, maintenance shops and fleet owners. (8:45 min)

  • SenX FirstLook Sensor Introduction

    Louie Nelson provides an introduction to the FirstLook® sensor and several ways it can be used to help in diagnosis physical problems of engines. (9:36 min)

  • SenX FirstLook Sensor Methodology

    This video provides several uses for FirstLook® sensors with diesel engines assessment and diagnostics. It is more detailed than the others. (17:26 min)

  • Engine Angel

  • Engine Angel & Engine Polygraph Overview

    A slide-show overview of EA and EP features and how they guide you to improved efficiencies and safety.

  • Common Causes of Semi Breakdowns

    TMC data shows the most frequent reasons for on-road service calls (Fleet Net America)

  • ATRI Operational Costs of Trucking 2017

    An extensive survey of Fleet Operational costs completed in Oct 2017, based on ATRI survey data

  • Engine Angel Business Value

    First of 4 videos describing business value to companies in various parts of the transportation industry. This one introduces the other 3 business-line specific videos: Fleets; Service & Repair shops; and Used & New Vehicle dealers. (2:33 min)

  • Engine Angel Business Value – Fleet Operator

    Describes business value to Fleet Operations of the transportation industry. This one provides more detail on the nature of the value Fleets using Engine Angel can expect. (3:47 min)

  • Engine Angel Business Value – Vehicle Dealer

    Describes business value of Engine Angel and Engine Polygraph for Used & New Vehicle dealers. (3:21 min)

  • Engine Angel Business Value – Maintenance and Repair Shops

    Describes business value of Engine Angel and Engine Polygraph to Service & Repair shops. (4:05 min)

  • Video Library

  • Video Library