Background Information


Background Information

Engine Polygraph

  • Evaluating Engine Health From the Inside – Sawyer

    Christopher Sawyer describes how Engine Polygraph works and various uses (Motorway America)

  • New Technology Easily Diagnoses Engine Issues in Seconds – Cole

    Craig Cole shows the methodology for using Engine Polygraph (Auto News)

  • Taking Engine Diagnostics to the Next Level – Wall

    Ed Wall describes the Engine Polygraph kit and report to help diagnose engines

  • How to read the EA Assessment reports

    PFT description of the Assessment report components

  • Engine Cycles of the Internal Combustion Engine

    This discussion uses a CAT C15 to illustrate the various cycles of the I.C. engine and the physical source of the signature pulses at various frequencies.

  • Cavitation Erosion in Diesel Cylinders

    Description of how cavitation occurs on the exterior (wet) side of cylinder walls and the top cylinder ring of the liner and the deterioration that it causes.

  • Volumetric Efficiency Diagnostics

    Test sequence for understanding Volumetric Efficiency and the MAF sensor by use of OBDII scan tools.

  • Engine Polygraph (formerly SenX History Manager)

    Introducing Engine Polygraph; what it does, how to use it and where it adds value for used vehicle dealers, maintenance shops and fleet owners. (8:45 min)

  • SenX FirstLook Sensor Introduction

    Louie Nelson provides an introduction to the FirstLook® sensor and several ways it can be used to help in diagnosis physical problems of engines. (9:36 min)

  • SenX FirstLook Sensor Methodology

    This video provides several uses for FirstLook® sensors with diesel engines assessment and diagnostics. It is more detailed than the others. (17:26 min)

  • Engine Angel

  • Engine Angel & Engine Polygraph Overview

    A slide-show overview of EA and EP features and how they guide you to improved efficiencies and safety.

  • Common Causes of Semi Breakdowns

    TMC data shows the most frequent reasons for on-road service calls (Fleet Net America)

  • USDOE Long-Haul Truck Idling Burns Up Profits

    A Summary of cost impacts (fuel and maintenance) of long idling with outline of alternatives with cost estimates

  • ATRI Operational Costs of Trucking 2017

    An extensive survey of Fleet Operational costs completed in Oct 2017, based on ATRI survey data

  • Engine Angel Business Value

    First of 4 videos describing business value to companies in various parts of the transportation industry. This one introduces the other 3 business-line specific videos: Fleets; Service & Repair shops; and Used & New Vehicle dealers. (2:33 min)

  • Engine Angel Business Value – Fleet Operator

    Describes business value to Fleet Operations of the transportation industry. This one provides more detail on the nature of the value Fleets using Engine Angel can expect. (3:47 min)

  • Engine Angel Business Value – Vehicle Dealer

    Describes business value of Engine Angel and Engine Polygraph for Used & New Vehicle dealers. (3:21 min)

  • Engine Angel Business Value – Maintenance and Repair Shops

    Describes business value of Engine Angel and Engine Polygraph to Service & Repair shops. (4:05 min)

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